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Likers.tv is a first-of-its-kind, social media-based on-screen advertising platform which aims to establish substantial incremental revenue streams for both brands and broadcasters.  It’s social TV!

The interactive technology will bridge the gap between TV and the ‘second screen’. Comprising a live advertising ticker at the bottom of the TV screen – overlaid onto existing programming – the Likers.tv platform displays pictures and names of a brand’s new social media fans in real-time to facilitate live public endorsement on TV. Viewers can also ‘like’ a specific programme or show contestant, creating new ways in which to engage in voting or competitions.

The aim of Likers.tv is to create a new business model for broadcasters by establishing a new source of advertising income, as well as exploit and expand a brand’s commercial fanpage community and to drive both fan engagement and consumer awareness.

Technical development of the Likers.tv proposition is complete, and the patent is pending. TV networks will receive a free license, conditional on royalties, and Likers.tv will manage the live fan feed, which also includes an in-built linguistic filter. The platform is currently compatible with Facebook and will be also compatible with other social media channels, including Twitter, to be made available next year.

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